Veterans Portrait Project

The Veteran’s Portrait Project

Our Canadian Veterans deserve to be remembered.

The Veteran’s Portrait Project is an undertaking to document the many faces of Canada’s Veterans. The project’s aim is to include as many service personal from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Merchant Navy and Civil Defence, both serving and retired as possible. Some privates were still in their teen years while confronted by enemy combatants, other soldiers didn’t see action, but all had one thing in common, the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. We must honour, value and be proud of our Canadian Armed Forces.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a body of work that can be displayed across the country to raise public awareness about Canadian Veterans. It’s vision is to champion their causes and to show the public that the Canadian Veteran is much more than just an old gentleman with medals on his overcoat on Remembrance Day! If you would like to participate and are a Veteran or are the parent, sibling or spouse of a Veteran, and please contact me to arrange a session. For participating you will receive a High Resolution digital file for your use, as an alternate if you are not able to display a digital image an 8 x 10 print can be provided. There is absolutely no cost or obligation and no attempt will be made to sell you anything. The images may be made available to organizations and causes, which support the rights and advancement of Canadian Veterans.